Barbara Richmond Second Childhood - Memories in Miniature
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It was a gag gift in 1986 that drew Barbara Richmond into the world of dollhouse miniatures. Her daughter presented her with a small dollhouse kit because "you were whining and complaining last summer that you never had a dollhouse when you were a child!"

Busy with a family and a career in school business administration, Barbara had abandoned her pursuit of a degree in Visual Arts and neglected her creative side for many years. Putting the dollhouse together re-awakened her love for the arts and she discovered shops and clubs dedicated to the miniature hobby. A committed do-it-yourselfer, Barbara began making furniture for the house and quickly became enthralled with the world of small.

Barbara at WorkUntil she retired in 1993, Barbara continued to learn about miniatures and was drawn to making wicker furniture. "It's very relaxing to sit and weave," she maintains and enjoys seeing a piece of furniture emerge from bits of wire, wood and cord. She also makes other furniture, such as cupboards and trunks and has developed workshops to teach others the joy of creating miniatures.

Once retired, Barbara was able to devote more time to the hobby, which quickly became a full time occupation. She began to show her furniture at shows in Toronto, Ontario and Montreal, Quebec, and was thrilled to be invited to contribute a room box for a major exhibition, ZOOM sur les miniatures at the Musée de la civilisation à Québec in 1997-98.

When Barbara started making tiny teddy bears for a dollhouse nursery, they quickly became a favourite with the public. She was accepted as an exhibitor at a major teddy bear show in London, England in 1997 and has been a regular exhibitor each year since then. Her bears have also been purchased by the Puppenhausmuseum in Switzerland. Articles on her teddy bears have appeared in Teddy Bear Scene, Canadian Teddy Bear News and in the Salute to Tiny Teddies feature in Teddy Bear and Friends.

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