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Laundry Hampers, Wastebaskets, and Handled Baskets
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  Laundry Hampers, Wastebaskets,
and Baskets with Handles

Catalogue # H138

A selection of baskets and hampers to enhance your room setting. The handled baskets can be ordered in single or two colour patterns.

Option H138 - Hamper 1-3/8" H X 1-3/16" Diameter $60

Option W138 - Wastebasket 7/8" H X 3/4" Diameter $20

Option B138 - Basket with Handle 1-1/8" H X 7/8" Diameter $25

By clicking on the image at the left, you will see an image of the baskets, in various styles. The styles are numbered on the image and correspond with the prices above.

They can be ordered in the following colours:
White, Caramel, Natural, Green, Salmon, Dark Brown and Rust.

Please specify the catalogue number along with the Basket's Option letter (H, W or B) and the colour selection; for example would be H138-Salmon would be Laundry Hamper in the colour Salmon.

Tea Wagon
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  Tea Wagon
Catalogue # W130

This two-tier tea wagon has large wheels and includes fringed tray cloths which are removable.

The wagon is 3" long, 1-1/2" wide and 2-3/4" high, and is available in caramel (shown), dark brown, dark green, antique white or bright white.

The tea wagon is also available as a kit. See the section on Kits for details.

Sewing Basket Stand
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  Sewing Basket Stand
Catalogue # W131

Based on a Victorian era floor standing basket, this two-level basket contains numerous sewing notions, including scissors, tape measure, pin cushion, patterns, knitting books, balls of wool and knitting in progress. (Any of these items are removable)

Shown here in caramel, this stand can also be ordered in antique white, dark brown or green.

The Sewing Basket Stand measures 1-1/2" wide, 1" deep and 3" high.

The sewing basket stand is also available as a kit. See the section on Kits for details.

Pet Bed
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  Pet Bed
Catalogue # W132

Comfy bed for a pampered cat or small dog, complete with plaid cushion which is removable.

The Pet Bed measures 2" wide and 1-1/4" deep.

Available in caramel (shown), antique white or dark brown.

The pet bed is also available as a kit. See the section on Kits for details.

Oval Mirrors
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  Oval Mirrors
Catalogue # W133


Enhance a bedroom, hallway or bathroom wall with a wicker framed mirror.

The Oval Mirror measures 2-5/8" high and 2-1/8" wide.

Available in caramel, antique white, bright white, dark brown or dark green.

Bistro Table and Chairs
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  Bistro Table and Chairs
Catalogue # W134

The round table is 3" in diameter and 2-1/4" high. It features a completely woven top. The two chairs have tufted cushions. This set is shown in white but may be ordered also in Oatmeal or Caramel.

Wicker Plant Stand and Fern in Pot
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  Wicker Plant Stand
Catalogue # W136

Fern in Pot: $30.00

This single plant stand enhances many settings and takes up little floor room. Available in Caramel or Oatmeal as shown. May also be ordered in White.

The ruffle fern is made from laser cut paper leaves (designed by Mary Kinloch) and comes in a terra cotta pot.

Round Coffee Table
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  Round Coffee Table
Catalogue # W137

An alternative to the rectangular coffee table shown in our other furniture settings. Shown here in Oatmeal, this table is 2-7/8" in diameter, has a woven top over a wood base and may be ordered in any of the other furniture colours (White, Caramel, Brown or Green).

All prices are quoted in Canadian Dollars.
When ordering, please state each Catalogue # along with your
colour selection on the order form as given in the description.

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