Joe Biden says Leaving out Key Components of the Covid-19 Relief Package is Unwise

The United States president is having a hard time in his first few weeks in office. Although he won the election, winning the hearts of elected republicans in Capitol Hill is becoming increasingly difficult. This is especially in light of the problems encountered in signing the Covid-19 relief package into law.

How Republicans Are Becoming the President’s Pain in the Neck

It is not news that the republican section of the legislature has reservations towards the recent bill proposed by the presidency. The bill is intended to address key economic issues caused by the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus and hopes to help the American populace get back on their feet.

However, the opposition party members in the legislative arm are becoming hard to deal with. While they understand that the country is in dire need of such a relief package, they are insistent on reducing the features that the bill will address.

The apparent reason is to cut down the expensive cost of the intended package to about 2 trillion dollars. They argue that the country has been dealt a heavy blow as this is not the first relief plan that will be activated. The previous ones (many of which are still running) are costing so much and setting such an expensive plan in motion will be bad for the country’s fiscal position.

In response, the president and key White House officials stated that the Covid-19 relief plan works “hand in gloves” and removing integral parts of the plan will be unwise.

What does the Populace think?

Many of the American population think that the Republican lawmakers are simply playing hardball and need to quit the gimmick.

A SNAP recipient recently stated that “these lawmakers do not have to deal with the negative reality that many of us battle day in day out. If not, they will not be making a big deal out of helping the nation get back on its feet with this bill by the presidency”.