Kratom is increasingly used as a food supplement in some countries. Indeed, this plant, taken in low doses, provides many benefits to the body. But in high doses, its effects become dangerous. In this article we will look at the time it takes for kratom to work.

How long it takes for kratom to manifest itself in the body

When kratom is consumed, it takes about 45 minutes to feel its effects in the body. Sometimes the sensations appear even earlier. The effects can last up to 4 hours. However, the time taken by kratom to act is not standard, it varies according to the body. The following link will give you more information on this subject.

The use of kratom in various forms

Kratom is available on the market in various forms. For example, it is available as a powder or capsule. There is also kratom tea and kratom syrup. As you can see, kratom can be consumed in different forms. The main thing is to be sure that your supplier is reliable.

Some signs of kratom addiction

Kratom can become dangerous very quickly. This herb has even been the cause of death for several people around the world. The kratom user, over time, begins to develop a certain dependency. Also, the abuse of kratom gradually leads to degeneration of the nervous system. The addicted user becomes increasingly anti-social. Moreover, in some extreme cases, kratom consumption even leads to death. For these reasons, it has been banned in some countries such as France. It is therefore advisable to consume this plant in moderation in countries where it is not yet banned.