Human Rights Abuse in Nigeria over Re-Opening of Lekki Tollgate

The Nigerian government has taken its lack of respect for the fundamental human rights of its citizens a step further. This is in light of how protesters who demanded why the Lekki Tow gate should be reopened have been subjected to various levels of human rights abuse.

How Members of the Nigerian Police force Violated the Fundamental Human Rights of Citizens

A few protesters showed up at the Lekki tollgate on the 13th of February 2021, and were met with police brutality once again. This is not the first time issues of police brutality and abuse of power by security operatives will be brought up in the nation. As a matter of fact, it was the reason the whole problem started in the first place - ENDSARS

Among the peaceful protesters that were manhandled was a notable comedian – Mr. Macaroni who explained that he was tortured, insulted, and threatened by members of the dreaded Nigerian police force after his release.

He explained that the security operative destroyed his two smartphones, and he was headed for the hospital to get medical attention as a result of his ordeal with the security operatives. The claims of recent police brutality by Mr. Macaroni and several others have been backed up by the reputable Amnesty International.

Why the Peaceful Protest Against Lekki Tow Gate Reopening

The decision to question the government’s decision to open the tollgate is in light of the events that occurred there on the 20th of October 2020. On that day, members of the Nigerian military were alleged to have fired live ammunition at protesters. An event that resulted in the death of no less than 12 people.

The government and military denied involvement in the massacre that took place and set up a panel to investigate the happenings on that day. However, the same administrators have decided to reopen the tollgate even without any substantial report from the panel.

As explained by an eyewitness, “this is what the protesters were protesting against before the security operatives did what they have been known for – oppressing innocent civilians”.