In a recent all-virtual event, corporate giants –Panasonic; showed off its heads ups display which offers augmented reality at its best. This is given how it allows drivers to have information as regards certain things around. 

The Panasonic Head Ups Display Product

The Panasonic heads-ups display system for vehicles comes with a lot of augmented reality features. However, the question in many people’s minds is if the product is really necessary. Will it be a distraction for drivers or helpful as intended?

This question is born out of how the system works. It does several things to alert the driver on things happening ahead of him. For instance, it gives real-time direction, notification of things ahead, and can even go the length of suggesting parking spaces.

The truth is that Panasonic is not the first and only company that will come up with such a product. Mercedes is a typical example of a company that has been adding this feature to many of its new cars.

However, many tech analysts like to think Panasonic went the extra mile to offer this luxury to drivers and car users at large. The system gives direction with the aid of a blue line. Furthermore, it adds the distance and real time speed required to reach the direction it proposes.

Another wonderful feature is how it indicates cross-roads ahead of time. So users are well aware of this part of the road before they get there.

Is this Innovation Necessary?

While drivers can afford to drive without this innovation, it offers a lot of great things. Top on the list is road protection. By adhering to the instructions given by this system, accidents and road mishaps can be avoided. For instance, it alerts users to cars and cyclists around.

As a result, the chances of collision are avoided. However, it will take a little while for drivers to get used to this feature. A tech analyst added that it may take all the fun associated with driving.