The Kbis extract: how to obtain it ?

In order for a company to operate freely, it is necessary for it to have documents that prove its legality. This is the case of the Kbis extract, which is a paper showing that a company is recognised by the Trade and Companies Register. It is a highly recommended document in countries such as France and no company can afford not to obtain it. In this article, you will find out how to obtain this sesame for companies.

Contacting the registrars

The Kbis extract or extrait kbis is a document relating to trade and companies. For this reason, the State has a registrar who handles commercial matters. This clerk is located in the courts with a specialised office. Thus, the company director can make the trip himself or be represented by someone else if he is prevented from doing so. However, the person making the request must provide the documents required to obtain the Kbis extract. 

The receipt required for the issue of this paper must appear in the documents submitted. The court clerk will then carry out the appropriate studies to determine whether the applicant for the document is eligible or not. Once this request is validated, a time limit will be set within which the applicant can collect the paper. If the applicant is unable to collect the document, he/she can provide his/her e-mail address in order to receive the document in his/her mailbox. Collection can also be made through a postal account.

Applying online

There are websites dedicated to obtaining the Kbis extract. The sites vary from one country to another and sometimes from one department to another. For this reason, you should target the one that is in harmony with the geographical location of your company in order to obtain a valid and accredited Kbis extract. You must therefore take care to fill in all the information that the site has requested. You must also take care to fill in the form set up by the site on which the application is made. 

The relevant documents must be scanned for credibility and you must also pay the paper issue fee. Once the application has been processed, the Kbis extract can be sent directly to your mailbox. You can then download it and use it for any purpose.