How to optimize your URL?

Several ways allow today's Internet users, wherever they are, at any time, to get content from a website. Among these ways, we find the URL which must be well structured in order to satisfy the Internet users. So, to achieve this, several points must be corrected.

The removal and use of keywords

To give more visibility to your URL, it is imperative to remove any word that does not give a clear meaning to your URL. We often find the use of words like ''that'' or ''and'' or the use of additional words to clarify towards the end. It should be noted that this way of proceeding does not allow the visibility of a URL. This is why it is important to remove unnecessary words that do not make sense. By doing so, you perfectly guide the Internet users to understand what they are looking at and therefore keep the dignity of your site. For more clarification continue reading.

Furthermore, it is advisable to use relevant keywords in your URL. Indeed, the use of these words becomes very useful when they match the content of your page. In addition, keywords help to understand the content and make your URL more visible. But don't use too many keywords for fear that your link will look like spam.

Less characters and punctuation in the URL

Generally, it is desirable to use fewer characters in your URL. A URL of about 50 to 60 characters is better than a 100 character URL. Indeed, when the URL is short, it makes it easier to understand and it can be shared in media that require fewer characters.

Finally, you should avoid using punctuation that is not necessary, as it prevents the URL from being read and breaks web browsers or crawlers.

These are two tips that will help you optimize your URL. Follow these tips and you will see that it will be well structured.

3 tips to reduce stress in your daily life

Stress affects everyone from time to time, that’s how it is. But being in a constant state of stress is not good for your well-being. It is necessary to know how to get free from stress. In the following paragraphs, you can find some tips that will help you reduce stress in your daily life.


Meditation is very helpful when you are stressed. It fights against blood pressure and helps improve your breath. It also positively impacts your concentration. When you meditate, it opens your mind and you realise things that are important to your happiness. Therefore, you focus on them and start forgetting about bad thoughts and problems which are harmful for your health. To gain more results, it is better to meditate in natural space, surrounded by plants and full of fresh air. You can also call on a yogi to help you reach inner peace. To get more information, go on

Do physical activities

Physical activities are really great. They allow to release tension and get focus. Actually, physical activities are the basis for the production of endorphins in the human body. Endorphins are hormones which has the benefit of improving energy, vitality and dynamism. This gives people a sense of well-being and the impression that nothing is insurmountable. There are some activities that are particularly good at reducing stress. These include swimming, horse riding, tai chi, etc. Using physical activities not only helps reduce stress but it also helps prevent it.

See your friends

Some studies have showed that friendship has a positive impact on human health. When people are well surrounded, they escape their problems for a while. Friends support you and change your mind. Another study proved that the power of friendship goes so far as to promote the secretion of endorphins. You can remember that endorphins help reduce stress. When you are stressed, avoid turning inward. Instead, make the effort to visit your friends. This is a practical and less expensive solution.

What is a DDOS attack?

Attacks on computer networks are diverse and often of criminal origin. It is in this same sector that we record denial of service attacks. What can we understand by denial of service? How do the attacks manifest themselves? What are the means of combating the attacks?

What do we understand by DDOS attacks?

The attack has its origins in the 1960s and is still the work of cybercriminals or at least computer-savvy people. So what is a ddos attack? Companies know what a DDOS attack is because they cause damage to computers. The attackers use software to saturate networks. In addition, they target different networks in order to block access to certain services. In recent years, the criminalisation of this offence has become a reality, as in the case of Jasmine who was sentenced to 5 years in prison in 2005. She remains the first in this field, given her distributed denial of service attack on Indeed, the DDOS attack has a variant called the distributed DDOS attack. This new variant uses multiple sources to operate the attack. This multitude of sources called daemons controlled by masters creates encrypted conversations between them to saturate the server.

What are the means to fight against these attacks?

The best way to fight against these attacks is obviously to host on a secure area equipped with anti-DDOS tools. Before that, another way remains to attack directly the source of the problem, but this solution takes quite some time. Indeed, it consists in identifying the source of the attack (the IP address) and then rejecting its passage, which will create the deletion of the various packages created by this attack. This method works for classic DDOS attacks, but distributed DDOS attacks deserve a radical solution, secure hosting. Once these types of attacks are identified, only a specialised company can deal with them. As a countermeasure, they offer more secure access to networks, hosting with much more space. This makes DDOSS attacks ineffective if they get through the security barrier.

What a webmaster needs to know about DNS and domains

What is DNS? When to update DNS records. How to get started quickly with a new domain. Types of DNS records. How to set up automatic subdomains. Fix redirection to address without www at the beginning.

What is DNS?

The Internet is a network that connects millions of computers around the world. Some of the computers on this network are on 24 hours a day, they are servers with websites and email. Click here for more details . Each computer, when connected to the Internet, is given a numerical identifier - an IP address. But it is not practical for people to access servers by a numerical identifier, so letter domains were introduced. DNS (Domain Name System) is a system that ensures that domains are mapped to IP addresses. A separate class of servers, the naked servers, is responsible for storing DNS records on the Internet. Some of these are supported by domain zone administrators, while others are supported by web hosts and Internet providers. These servers have their own hierarchy and the records on the servers are not updated immediately: on some very quickly, on others in a few days. The most popular DNS server software is called BIND.

Updating DNS records

A common question for beginners is when a new domain will start working. So, you want the new domain to be up and running. To do this, you need to add records to the DNS and wait for them to propagate across the Internet. The time it takes to update records varies from several hours to three days. The limitations are caused by the principles of the DNS, which is a distributed and highly loaded system. After registering a domain or changing DNS records, your site will be available to different users at different times, depending on the specifics of their Internet providers. This is due to the fact that each ISP determines the time of the DNS cache update on its servers.

5 foods to avoid putting in the freezer

You have just eaten and the meal remains? Putting it in the fridge to preserve it is only natural. Nevertheless, it is important to take care of what kind of food you put in the fridge. Because if it allows to preserve them, it does not mean that these foods will necessarily remain edible. Here is a list of five foods that should not be put in the fridge for various reasons.

The potato

Potatoes are one of the foods that should not be kept in the refrigerator. Indeed, potatoes are a food with a very high starch content. Putting it in the freezer when it is raw can accelerate its decomposition, which in the long run will be dangerous for your body. talks about it.

Raw vegetables

Like potatoes, vegetables are also part of the foods that should never be put in the freezer. Raw vegetables contain a large amount of water, and storing them can destroy their essential nutrients. As a result, you end up with a meal that is not very nutritious when you prepare it.

Melon and watermelon

Melon and watermelon are rich in water. It is difficult to freeze these fruits because of their 90% water content. Storing them can destroy their flavor and accelerate their deterioration.

Eggs and mayonnaise

Whether hard-boiled or raw, eggs are not resistant to cold. Raw eggs placed in the freezer can crack and even explode. When hard-boiled, they have an easy time breaking down. Mayonnaise is also a food that should not be put in the freezer.


It's a waste to put leftover bread in the freezer for future use. Bread, when frozen, becomes soft and loses all its taste. The best way to store your bread is at room temperature. In the meantime, don't forget to protect it well.






How long does kratom take to work in the body?

Kratom is increasingly used as a food supplement in some countries. Indeed, this plant, taken in low doses, provides many benefits to the body. But in high doses, its effects become dangerous. In this article we will look at the time it takes for kratom to work.

How long it takes for kratom to manifest itself in the body

When kratom is consumed, it takes about 45 minutes to feel its effects in the body. Sometimes the sensations appear even earlier. The effects can last up to 4 hours. However, the time taken by kratom to act is not standard, it varies according to the body. The following link will give you more information on this subject.

The use of kratom in various forms

Kratom is available on the market in various forms. For example, it is available as a powder or capsule. There is also kratom tea and kratom syrup. As you can see, kratom can be consumed in different forms. The main thing is to be sure that your supplier is reliable.

Some signs of kratom addiction

Kratom can become dangerous very quickly. This herb has even been the cause of death for several people around the world. The kratom user, over time, begins to develop a certain dependency. Also, the abuse of kratom gradually leads to degeneration of the nervous system. The addicted user becomes increasingly anti-social. Moreover, in some extreme cases, kratom consumption even leads to death. For these reasons, it has been banned in some countries such as France. It is therefore advisable to consume this plant in moderation in countries where it is not yet banned.

Is Panasonic Heads-Up Display too Much for Drivers to Handle?

In a recent all-virtual event, corporate giants –Panasonic; showed off its heads ups display which offers augmented reality at its best. This is given how it allows drivers to have information as regards certain things around. 

The Panasonic Head Ups Display Product

The Panasonic heads-ups display system for vehicles comes with a lot of augmented reality features. However, the question in many people’s minds is if the product is really necessary. Will it be a distraction for drivers or helpful as intended?

This question is born out of how the system works. It does several things to alert the driver on things happening ahead of him. For instance, it gives real-time direction, notification of things ahead, and can even go the length of suggesting parking spaces.

The truth is that Panasonic is not the first and only company that will come up with such a product. Mercedes is a typical example of a company that has been adding this feature to many of its new cars.

However, many tech analysts like to think Panasonic went the extra mile to offer this luxury to drivers and car users at large. The system gives direction with the aid of a blue line. Furthermore, it adds the distance and real time speed required to reach the direction it proposes.

Another wonderful feature is how it indicates cross-roads ahead of time. So users are well aware of this part of the road before they get there.

Is this Innovation Necessary?

While drivers can afford to drive without this innovation, it offers a lot of great things. Top on the list is road protection. By adhering to the instructions given by this system, accidents and road mishaps can be avoided. For instance, it alerts users to cars and cyclists around.

As a result, the chances of collision are avoided. However, it will take a little while for drivers to get used to this feature. A tech analyst added that it may take all the fun associated with driving.

Human Rights Abuse in Nigeria over Re-Opening of Lekki Tollgate

The Nigerian government has taken its lack of respect for the fundamental human rights of its citizens a step further. This is in light of how protesters who demanded why the Lekki Tow gate should be reopened have been subjected to various levels of human rights abuse.

How Members of the Nigerian Police force Violated the Fundamental Human Rights of Citizens

A few protesters showed up at the Lekki tollgate on the 13th of February 2021, and were met with police brutality once again. This is not the first time issues of police brutality and abuse of power by security operatives will be brought up in the nation. As a matter of fact, it was the reason the whole problem started in the first place - ENDSARS

Among the peaceful protesters that were manhandled was a notable comedian – Mr. Macaroni who explained that he was tortured, insulted, and threatened by members of the dreaded Nigerian police force after his release.

He explained that the security operative destroyed his two smartphones, and he was headed for the hospital to get medical attention as a result of his ordeal with the security operatives. The claims of recent police brutality by Mr. Macaroni and several others have been backed up by the reputable Amnesty International.

Why the Peaceful Protest Against Lekki Tow Gate Reopening

The decision to question the government’s decision to open the tollgate is in light of the events that occurred there on the 20th of October 2020. On that day, members of the Nigerian military were alleged to have fired live ammunition at protesters. An event that resulted in the death of no less than 12 people.

The government and military denied involvement in the massacre that took place and set up a panel to investigate the happenings on that day. However, the same administrators have decided to reopen the tollgate even without any substantial report from the panel.

As explained by an eyewitness, “this is what the protesters were protesting against before the security operatives did what they have been known for – oppressing innocent civilians”.

More Dead Bodies Discovered in India After Glacier Break Causes Flooding

There is so much heat in the nation of India. They have been making the headlines for the Farmer’s protest. However, nature has not smiled on a part of this nation in the wake of a deadly Glacier break that caused flooding.

How bad the Situation Is

Some survivors recollected how pathetic the situation was and how they are still seeking answers as regards people who are yet to be seen. A survivor explained that “we were just lucky to be somewhere safe as at the time of the incident. However, it is sad to state this is not the same for many of my neighbors and family members who are still unfound”.

The glacier was the cause of the flood that sent so much water and debris causing untold havoc. Professional rescue teams, as well as security agencies, are helping to know the level of damage. However, the site is full of horror as there is an increasing amount of dead bodies recovered as time passes by.

A rescuer explained that he “cannot easily deal with the reality of the situation and finds it hard to imagine what a living family member is going through”. 

How the Family of Victims Are Reacting

It is no doubt a hard time for many of these family members of those affected by the glacier break. However, one of their greatest concerns is how much is still unknown. Many of these people are complaining that the rescue teams are acting passively towards the situation and need to step up their game. They would like to see more hands-on-deck dealing with the situation. 

As things are, no less than 49 dead bodies have been recovered as the number of casualties keeps increasing by the day.

This is a hard one to bear for the Indian populace. This is especially in light of other administrative challenges they are facing. For instance, there has been so much trouble caused as a result of new agricultural policies that farmers are opposed to.

How the Social Media Adversely Affecting Vaccination in the Hispanic Community

The United States and many other national governments have and are spending big on vaccination. Nations like India are doing so despite the negative effects on their fiscal position. This is to curb the increasingly negative effects of the virus.

Why does the Hispanic Community have Reservations towards Vaccination?

Many Latinos understand the negative effects of the pandemic and how there is a need to address the situation as soon as possible. However, it is ironic that these people are refusing to enroll in the vaccination program.

This fact is apparent from the statistics taken by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. The Latinos are the ethnic group that has mostly refused to turn out for the vaccination. Some interviews with this sect revealed how information gathered from various social media platforms passes the wrong or unfounded information about the vaccines.

A Hispanic woman who had gone through the trauma of taking care of two members of her family who caught the virus revealed how the family has refused to get vaccinated. She explained that while they understand the need to put the pandemic under control, they do not trust the system in light of various news spreading across social media platforms.

She gave an example of one of the conspiracy theories that have caused reservation among Latinos. This is the tale that the administrators have installed a chip in the vaccines. This means that anyone who gets vaccinated will be under the surveillance of the government.

Also, a good number of undocumented residents in the Hispanic community fear that vaccination will expose them to the authorities.

The Negative Effects of these Conspiracy Theories

The outbreak of the virus has increased dramatically among the Hispanic community. Also, deaths are on the high side as a result.

Considering that the actions of this group have implications on everyone, more must be channeled towards publicly orientating them on the need to get vaccinated without the fears of the authorities taking undue advantage of the situation.

Joe Biden says Leaving out Key Components of the Covid-19 Relief Package is Unwise

The United States president is having a hard time in his first few weeks in office. Although he won the election, winning the hearts of elected republicans in Capitol Hill is becoming increasingly difficult. This is especially in light of the problems encountered in signing the Covid-19 relief package into law.

How Republicans Are Becoming the President’s Pain in the Neck

It is not news that the republican section of the legislature has reservations towards the recent bill proposed by the presidency. The bill is intended to address key economic issues caused by the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus and hopes to help the American populace get back on their feet.

However, the opposition party members in the legislative arm are becoming hard to deal with. While they understand that the country is in dire need of such a relief package, they are insistent on reducing the features that the bill will address.

The apparent reason is to cut down the expensive cost of the intended package to about 2 trillion dollars. They argue that the country has been dealt a heavy blow as this is not the first relief plan that will be activated. The previous ones (many of which are still running) are costing so much and setting such an expensive plan in motion will be bad for the country’s fiscal position.

In response, the president and key White House officials stated that the Covid-19 relief plan works “hand in gloves” and removing integral parts of the plan will be unwise.

What does the Populace think?

Many of the American population think that the Republican lawmakers are simply playing hardball and need to quit the gimmick.

A SNAP recipient recently stated that “these lawmakers do not have to deal with the negative reality that many of us battle day in day out. If not, they will not be making a big deal out of helping the nation get back on its feet with this bill by the presidency”.